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Vik, Navani
I am a workout and gym but, mostly do group exercises and circuits. Occasionally hit the gym but I feel that my group classes such as cross-fit and circuit training has helped me sustain my fitness goals and stay healthy.
Suraj, Advaney
I started my weight loss journey in 2019. I started eating right, working out, having the right supplements and I was able to lose 90lbs. My goal is to loose some more.
Tj, Russo
Im a 44 year old husband, father of 5 and grandfather of 2. Im currently on a journey to get back into shape physically and mentally to be as strong as possible so i can continue to be the rock of our family and a positive role model for my children and grandchildren.  I normally use my protein post workout and/or in the morning with some oats.
Madeline, Michalec
Hey y’all! I’m Madeline from small town Texas USA. I’m a mama of 3, law enforcement officer, and am extremely passionate about health and fitness. After just having my last baby 6 months ago and now back on the streets, I’m back in the gym almost everyday ensuring I’m getting stronger. After every workout I drink Spartan Protein, and even sometimes in between if I know it’ll be a while before the next meal. Spartan has become a staple in my fitness journey and I’ve even got my friends started on it! Thank you Spartan for this opportunity!!!
Sara, Madrigal
Recently loving the changes the gym has made physically and mentally.
Ori, Reches
Hi! I’m Ori Reches and I’m from LA but moved to Mountain View. I do CrossFit but I also do a bodybuilding program. I love outdoor activities including Spartan Races, hiking, and backpacking. I’m into wineries, breweries, and distilleries.
Jacob, Brown
Veteran. Love music and concerts. Weightlifting. Cars.
Mukund, Pandya
Old Soul in Fit Body
Charles, Firmin
Dedicated worker with a daily drive to be Better Than Yesterday (BTY). Personal trainer committed to bettering the lives of every person I have the opportunity to work with. The only thing I love more than a good workout is time with family and friends!
Erik, Carroll
Hello! I’ve always had a passion for fitness and weightlifting since I started my junior year of high school where I started journey. Using Spartan Proteins products have helped me to progress to new levels in my fitness goals especially their tasty protein and preworkout. My two next big goals are to participate in my first powerlifting competition and to also be able to take pictures cradling even bigger dogs in my arms while I flex.
Miguel, Lemmon
Hi, my name is Miguel. I've lifted weights for a few years and have competed in powerlifiting, wrestling, and arm wrestling. This last year I had a bad back injury, so i kust started going back to the gym. I always a protein shake after a workout and Spartan Protein has been by far the best tasting protein on the market toady, 10/10.
Patrick, Mascoli
25 year who likes to use fitness as a whey (pun intended) to feel good both physically and mentally. Constant progression in both lifting and cardio acts as my main motivation, as I meet my goals I continue to add new ones. Currently use Spartan products to supplement my lifts (preworkout), recover and build muscle (whey). As someone big into cooking, I also like to experiment with using the whey in the kitchen in baked goods, pancakes, other recipes besides your normal protein shake
Megan, Kell
Single mom with an amazing toddler and the drive to be the best version of myself. Olympic lifting is my passion, and protein is my fuel!!
Floyd, Juza
How did I go from not to hot? and from a zero to a hero? by being a spartan warrior with spartan proteins of course! :)
Rich, Bailey
Running addiction with a splash of HIIT :)
Kish, Gidwani
I’m Kishore Gidwani, a Software professional with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, having worked for several Multinational organizations. I’m involved in each and every process of software development lifecycle for our product with our customers namely from requirements gathering to software development, deployment and support. I’m aspiring to learn and grow as a Product Manager in my current work. Since my work is very stressful and demanding, I maintain a balance by aligning my day with fitness activity. Between walking 3 miles or Cardio workout at the gym, I’m able to dedicate 1 hour, 5 times a week to my fitness routine. This is over and above a healthy diet that I try to maintain everyday with a cheat day once a week. I’m hoping this daily regimen of exercise will help me ward off several health related diseases in the long term.
Jc, Gidwani
Get moves like mick jagger
Anil, Datwani
Hi my name is Anil and I live a busy life balancing work, family, friends and then myself. That’s always been the problem where the priority is never my wellness and especially my health. I want to change that this year. With the help of Spartan, a balanced diet, and a rigorous exercise plan, I think I can make the right change
Bhupinder, Gulati
Enthusiastic, energetic and go getter. Never take a answer as “no”. Software technocrat with an mission to change the landscape of the technology and the upcoming generation. A big believer in Karma and giving back.
Jagesha, Thaker
Sabeena, Surmust
Anaar, Miller
Hello, my goal is to work in becoming healthier, stronger, and get more toned working on my core while learning how to incorporate whey protein into my work out routine.
Sundeep, Mahajan
I workout 3 to 4 times a week. A combination of cardio and weight training. My goal is to gain more muscle and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
John, Samaan
30 years old , New Jersey resident , I have been working out for 10 years + . I have a lot of knowledge on supplements
Catherine, Hawkins
Hello, my name is Catie Hawk and I am a mother of two from Florida. As a mother it can make things challenging but that doesn’t stop me from reaching my short term and long term goals.I am an Entrepreneur working on a clothing line. I believe that Once you accept your own life choices, you can learn to change your mindset and habits to match those to a healthy active lifestyle. My hobbies are outdoor activities and working out. Nothing like taking care of your mental health when staying active.
Susan, Hagee
Just a tiny person wanting to lift big things. I use Spartan Protein to make sure i hit my macro goals to help build bigger muscles as i endeavor to lift things heavier than myself.
Zachary, Fitch
Bharat, Rajwani
Just a fat guy trying to get in shape
Gotham, Tuli
I believe physical fitness is a life’s journey. Continue to always push myself and accept challenges.
Joyce, Clark
Currently trying to bulk so I’m now a “skinny bitch” in the voice of C Bum I used to use these products a lot and then they stopped and now they are back but protien powder bcaa and preworkout were my go toes
Rahul, Wad
Hi! My name is Rahul and I’m currently a student. I love playing tennis, lifting weights, and dancing. My fitness goals for this years are to lose weight and look as toned as possible while maintaining the muscle mass I currently have and perhaps increasing it a bit.
Ryan, Dawson
Whether I’m in the gym, out on a trek, or in the office. I use spartan products to nourish my body and fuel my recovery. Working for a nonprofit has made me get creative with my exercise routine, getting up before the sun rises to get a lift in, adding supplemental protein during meals and snack times so I’m not missing meals during meetings, and using BCAAs to fuel my recovery and hydration throughout the day. My fitness goals are to build a little more muscle mass and remain healthy, so that I can show the scouts that I work with and all of my volunteers the importance of exercise and treating one’s body as a temple.
Justin, Hoggard
Becky, Trent
Stephanie, Fett

I am a fitness enthusiast. I am a pescatarian. I love high protein foods like Protein, milk eggs, and cheese veggies, and Spartan Protein fits right my equation. Currently at 5'10 i weigh 131.4 pounds. So , my goals and objectives during this challenge and contest are pretty much to build more muscle and lose just a little bit of weight. I want to tone the existing muscle that I do have. I know that #Spartan Proteins will help me on my fitness journey with these objectives!!! I am excited to participate in this Contest. Thanks for my Apple Cinnamon Whey Protein, Shaker, Tshirt, Hoodie, and Duffle bag to take to get me to Planet Fitness!
Bryan, Lopez
Hi im b.lo
Im super passionate about fitness and wellbeing. Love to play guitar on my spare time. Spartan protein has definitely helped with my gains and motivation to go to the gym!
Raphael, Johnson
Tareak, Black
Jarod, Bellenbaum
Tim, Hood
Alex, Vega
Nicholas, Frazee
Maria, Defazio
Anthony, Joint
Kelsey, Lineberger
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