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Madeline, Michalec

Hey y’all! I’m Madeline from small town Texas USA. I’m a mama of 3, law enforcement officer, and am extremely passionate about health and fitness. After just having my last baby 6 months ago and now back on the streets, I’m back in the gym almost everyday ensuring I’m getting stronger. After every workout I drink Spartan Protein, and even sometimes in between if I know it’ll be a while before the next meal. Spartan has become a staple in my fitness journey and I’ve even got my friends started on it! Thank you Spartan for this opportunity!!!

Madeline's Content 

Hey y’all! So glad to be part of this contest. Shout out to Spartan protein for being a daily staple within my health and fitness regimen. I use it even in recipes to get the extra protein and the flavors make things so good!! I’m currently on a journey to be the healthiest I’ve been-and so much stronger too which is where Spartan has come in. I love their products (shred is another favorite) and this company is amazing!!! Can’t wait to continue on my journey with Spartan proteins supporting the better changes!

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