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Hey everyone!! Welcome to Spartan Influencer Family! I'd like to welcome all of you to the team and I look forward to working with all of your to help you all crush your goals and hack the system. Take a moment to read the next steps below and do not hesitate to reach out to me! I'm always available to help out in any matter.

Samantha Friedman
Social Media Manager 


Next Steps: 

  1. Follow us on Instagram @TheSpartanProteins  
  2. Utilize your link when you receive your products! Post that link in bio and share with friends, family, and followers by placing in your IG captions for everyone to use to create their orders.
  3. Your code is your best-friend it will generate 20% off at checkout and put 15% commission in your pocket for every purchase some makes using your unique code.
  4. Post and engage with your community. Content ideas include recipe videos, unboxing videos, and cooking/baking videos for example. For more inspiration view our brand deck/guidelines.
  5. Share, repost, & spread Sparta Proteins love. This program is what you make it, by sharing authentic and genuine @thespartanproteins love on your social-you will benefit your community because they will feel inspired to purchase based on your enthusiasm for the brand!
  6. Payouts will be processed at the end of each month via PayPal.
  7. We will be running Spartan Influencer competitions with added incentives so always keep an eye on your email as well as our IG!
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